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If you or someone you know has been charged with kidnapping, it is vital that you obtain an appropriate and experienced legal counsel in the greater Los Angeles area.

In California there are various types of kidnapping charges which carry different penalties. Although called kidnapping, not all involve a "kid" or child.

Kidnapping is defined as using force or threats to take a person against their will. Abducting a person by force and holding them against their will could result in being charged for felony kidnapping. No matter your relationship to the victim, the consequences of your actions will be prosecuted severely.

At Marks & Brooklier, our law firm will specially design a top legal service team who will assist you in your case. The Law Offices of Marks & Brooklier have experienced kidnapping criminal defense attorneys, who will ensure you receive the legal assistance you need to combat these charges.

Aggravated Kidnapping Crime

The most serious type of kidnapping crime one can commit is Aggravated Kidnapping. This type of crime involves the kidnapping of a person with the intent to harm them sexually, to cause bodily injury to them in some manner, or to terrorize them. In addition, this charge applies in using the victim as a hostage, human shield or holding them for ransom/reward. Kidnapping can also occur while committing a felony, or interfering with a political or government investigation or activity. The aggravated kidnapping crime is charged as a felony.

Child Kidnapping Crime

This type of crime refers to the kidnapping of any child under the age of 18. Child abduction is the most common form of kidnapping. During this crime, if any other crime is committed against the child, such as sexual assault or other bodily harm, additional charges such as aggravated kidnapping would apply.

Parental Kidnapping Crime

When a child is abducted by either one or both of their biological parents who do not have legal custody of the child at the time of the kidnapping, this is a Parental Kidnapping Crime. This type of crime normally is charged as a misdemeanor providing there are no extenuating circumstances.

Although the majority of abductions fall under the parental kidnapping type, there are many others that are classified as aggravated kidnapping or child kidnapping cases. For an aggressive and well-planned out defense, contact Marks & Brooklier to defend you against these charges. Our legal team is skilled and experienced in kidnapping charges and understands how to address such cases. We will provide you with a strong defense and fully investigate all aspects of the case and dispute any evidence brought against you immediately.

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